The resources on Centro Virtual Cervantes include virtual dictionaries, teaching materials and units, PD documents and libraries.


Mundo Primaria features traditional stories that can be read and listened to.


Lingolía español features grammar and vocabulary exercises.

Formespa is a network for Spanish teachers. Its members share resources and documents, all completely free. 

Marcoele is a journal on Teaching Spanish as L2. Materials and units, as well as grammar exercises for specific learner levels, are accessible here for free.


Todoele features activities, songs, PD information for teachers, and a special section for Spanish background learners.

Ver Taal is a site full of grammar exercises, listening practice, and theory. It includes movie trailers, ads, documentaries and cultural videos followed by comprehension questions.

The Education Office of the Embassy of Spain in Australia is responsible of the promotion of the Spanish language and culture abroad through a series of international programs such as the Language Assistants program, the Spanish Resource Centres, and collaborations with organisations and institutions of Victoria such as the DET Victoria, AFMLTA, MLTAV, VATS, NGV and Immigration Museum. It also provides support and implementation to the Spanish program at schools and universities. 

Rockalingua is a site where you can find songs, videos and worksheets related to topics for Spanish teaching at a primary school level.

The TPRS method (Teaching Proficiency through Reading and Storytelling) is an evolution of the Total Response method and aligns with Krashen's Natural Approach. It's not a specific method for Spanish, but, as it was created in the US, it has been used primarily for Spanish and EAL – so there are a lot of materials for Spanish teachers. The method encourages the use of gestures and dramatisation of the stories.

Videoele is "a Spanish online free educational resource based on videos".

A range of eBooks available in English, French and Spanish at La Reforme du Lycee.

BBC's Super Movers has nice introductory resources with Premier League footballers!

68 Hearts is a beautiful resource in Spanish on the 68 indigenous languages of Mexico.

10 Classic Spanish films available for study here.

Learn Spanish with Me: Aprende Espanol comigo!

Multilingual video resources in Spanish & French.

BBC Teach offers great resources for listening comprehension in Spanish.

Fantastic Escape Room game in Spanish!

Incredible curated Google Spreadsheet of more than 100 resources, sites, links and programs for Spanish language learning.