Tofugu is a Japanese language blog for English speakers. It features articles on "Japanese topics we're passionate about, so hopefully you like the same things we like. We also write about our travels in Japan, do reviews on products, write guides to help you with Japanese, and make videos too."

Minato is "a Japanese language learning platform provided by the Japan Foundation."

Anime Manga Japan is a site that helps you learn Japanese through anime and manga.

The link collection of the JLTAV lists many links to curriculum documents and teaching materials for Japanese.

Languages NSW provides an information pack about the Japan Foundation "to summarise resources, professional learning, contests and event dates."

The Language Learning Space "provides learning resources and services for students of Chinese, Japanese and Indonesian languages and for teachers of these languages."

The Japan Foundation provides various resources, including web resources and apps.

Skritter is a paid online application that aims to "help you learn and remember Chinese and Japanese characters better than anything else." 

The Japanese Film Database is "is a database of Japanese films co-managed by the Japan Foundation and UNIJAPAN. Film synopses, cast & staff, and production & distribution company information are searchable and available for public perusal."

Pinkfong is a YouTube channel featuring videos for younger learners of Japanese.

Nihongo Portal has a wealth of resources and content available.

Cours de japonais is a French YouTube channel to support Japanese learning.

The GaijinPot blog offers a list of apps useful for Japanese teaching.

Let's Read Asia has a wide range of story books available in many languages.

A brilliant Reddit list of useful links and resources for studying Japanese.

A great YouTube series on Japanese Language and Culture.

Japan Times offers a rundown of anime series available on Netflix.

The Japan Foundation offers Minato, a broad range of online courses.


Online lessons survival kit from the Japan Foundation.