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Here is a list of places where you can find free music and sound effects for multimedia projects.

Free Tech for Teachers is a blog that aims to "to share information about free resources that teachers can use in their classrooms." 

Twenty ideas for using ICT in the language classroom via TeachITLanguages.

Maris Hawkins' technology updates for the languages classroom.

The New York Times provides a fascinating overview of language learning apps and their usefulness.

Article on the best edtech tools in the classroom.

Teachers most favoured apps via Educational Technology & Mobile Learning.

Linguacuisine combines technology, culture, cuisine and languages!

Create and use interactive worksheets at

The Scramblinator will take the sentences you input and create challenges for your students!

There are literally thousands of podcasts available on an enormous range of topics; luckily you'll find all the best Language Teaching and Learning ones at Language Latte.

Changing Phase is a great site for word order and spelling; it allows you to scramble sentences, remove vowels and even scramble words.

A useful guide for generating Bitmojis in different languages.

#MFLTwitterati Jam has great ideas for teaching applications.

The Reverse Text Generator allows you to construct, manipulate and scramble sentences.

Interactive exercises and automatic grading with BookWidgets.

French as a Foreign Language: Open Access Resources (en Francais)

Recording of "Having a Play! Simple interactive synchronous activities for remote learning" from the British Council.

Augmented Reality Apps for children's language and literacy learning at home.


Virtual end-of-year activities and ideas from Teach Between the Lines.

62 lesson ideas from MFL Classroom Magic for remote learning,

Digital Tools for Languages from Languages NSW.

Lockdown Language Learning has a range of courses for different languages from the Queen's University of Belfast.

Great presentation on Assessing Remotely in Languages from MLTA NSW.

A guide to the security features of Zoom, MS Teams and Google Meet.

Resources for the shift to online/blended learning.

The European Centre for Modern Languages of the Council of Europe has a treasure trove of resources for students, parents and teachers in support of remote language learning.