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The Australian Curriculum framework for Korean, including both F-10 and 7-10 Sequences and Strands.

The Victorian Curriculum framework for Korean, including Scope and Sequence.

SBS Korean: news, articles, community information and podcasts in Korean.

World news in Korean via the BBC.

Curated resources for Korean via the Asia Education Foundation, including specific content for language teaching.

How to Study Korean! is a one-stop resource for learning with audio, grammar, vocabulary, quizzes and tests.

Fresh Korean: An online language learning resource for Korean, including traditional stories (with worksheets), conversations, writing worksheets and more!

Korean From Zero: A free online textbook course with audio-video resources.

Practice reading and writing in Korean with Learn Hangul.

Korean Student Blog: Insights and lessons into Korean language and culture.

Key to Korean: Comprehensive content on a wide range of grammar, writing, listening and exam preparation.

Sydney to Seoul: A self-study language blog with tips, experiences, links and vocabulary lists.

Let’s Learn Hangul is a beautiful site that helps support learning the Korean alphabet.


Online language learning games available at Easy Korean.


Learn Korean offers online classes, news and exercises.


Learn Hangul (the Korean alphabet) via online games with DanDani.

Let's Read Asia has a wide range of story books available in many languages.


Be Marie Korea is a blog that covers travel, teaching, food, fashion, music and much more. Great insights into life in South Korea.


The FluentU website has links to dozens of Korean language learning sites and resources.


Twenty things you must know about Korean culture from The Asian Life


Go! Billy Korean is a popular language learning site with videos and grammar lessons on a range of topics.


Korean Hangul in twenty minutes with Josef Wigren.


Quizzes and audio organised by topic themes at Loecsen

Free online resources for teaching and learning Korean from Languages NSW.

A great list with a range of Korean resources.

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