The Australian Curriculum framework for Auslan, including both F-10 and 7-10 Sequences and Strands.

The Victorian Curriculum F-10 framework, rational and aims for Auslan.


Heulwen Sweet is a Melbourne-based Auslan teacher with a range of great videos on teaching Auslan.

The Victorian Department of Education has a dedicated page for curated curriculum-aligned resources for Auslan on FUSE.

The Victorian and Tasmanian Deaf Societies have a comprehensive list of resources available for Auslan, including weblinks, print resources and downloadable content.


Auslan classroom resources from the Royal Institute for Deaf and Blind Children.

Sally & Possum: Season One is a great Auslan series from the Queensland Government for Early Years Learners, but with broad applicability to support the teaching of Auslan.

Wonderful tales available in the library at Auslan Storybooks.

Aussie Educator has a dedicated page for Auslan that includes background, curriculum, videos, resources and course links, as well as information on other sign languages. 

More great links at resources for Auslan available at Sign Planet.

Auslan Signbank is another valuable resource full of information, links and more!