Kompas is Indonesia’s most respected newspaper, pitched towards a more ‘educated’ audience. Articles can be long and complex, so relatively difficult for learners to understand.

Under the Kompas banner, Kompasiana is a citizen journalism site where people submit articles, often opinion pieces. It's a great place to discover community views in Indonesia, and to experience organic language use. The style of language is formal, but typically less so than Kompas articles. The article length of texts is also shorter, and therefore far more accessible for learners. 

The BBC Indonesia site presents world news in Indonesian. 

Radio Australia site – in Indonesian. Includes both local and world news. Text length is short, making this site accessible for learners. 

SBS Radio – Indonesian. Great for listening skills, this site often includes interviews with visitors from Indonesia – such as academics and post grad students – discussing topical issues.

Indospired is a blog aiming to "promote, share and celebrate the rich diversity of the Indonesian Language and cultures."

Let's Read Asia has a wide range of story books available in many languages.

The Language Learning Space "provides learning resources and services for students of Chinese, Japanese and Indonesian languages and for teachers of these languages."